London Waterkeeper, defending our right to clean water

London Waterkeeper is an independent charity set up to challenge polluters and protect rivers in the capital.

Defend our environmental laws by signing the Thames Water petition asking the company to tell us when their sewers overflow – from the Cotswolds to the Capital.

We want to transform the city’s relationship with its rivers. We want a swimmable Thames. Rivers in parks need to be free of pollution. We must make greater efforts so road run-off doesn’t damage our waterways.

All of London’s rivers fail the Water Framework Directive and we treat them as little more than part of the drainage system.

We need to realise the potential our rivers have. We need to do it now – London’s population is its biggest ever. Green spaces more than 22 times the size of Hyde Park have been paved over in a generation. London’s liveability ranks below many other cities, falling outside the top 50. Our rivers are part of the solution to these increasing pressures.

We are a member of Waterkeeper Alliance – the fastest-growing environmental movement for water in the world. Waterkeeper Alliance believes that everyone should have access to local waterways that are swimmable, fishable and provide drinkable water.    It unites more than 300 Waterkeepers. They patrol and protect rivers, bays, lakes, and streams from pollution.

Waterkeeper Alliance was formed in 1999. Here’s a film of the journey so far which features London Waterkeeper.

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